Please note, all Compassion Project workshops are being postponed. With the evolving pandemic recommendations around social distancing, we want to take all precautions to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and will reschedule all events at a later date.

Other Resources

Tools that help with regulation based on the senses from Aulneau Renewal Centre

  • Touch
    • Stress balls
    • Fidget spinners
    • Soft pillow
    • Weighted blanket
  • Smell (Aromatherapy)
    • This tool almost instantly changes how one is feeling. 
  • Hear
    • Play CDs – sounds that help with mindfulness.  Water sounds, bird sounds etc.
  • Vision
    • Create space in your work environment (office, station, staff lounge) that helps them feel relaxed.
    • Some examples may be lights, pictures or other items you see while working
  • Taste
    • If onsite, having chocolate, candies or other small treats that staff can come and grab when they need
    • This can also help create a space for sharing concerns and stressors throughout the day
  • Mental Health Day
    • If possible, offer a paid mental health day off when you see someone having a difficult time, or early signs of a burn out

Walk-In Connected Care Clinic

Open 7 days a week

Centre de Santé

Following strict protocols, you can come to the clinic to receive services from a nurse or nurse practitioner for non-COVID-19 related illnesses. It is advisable to call the clinic ahead at: 204-940-3838 to determine if a clinic visit is recommended.