Our Legacy


Our Story

The legacy of the Sisters is built on spirituality marked by an unwavering faith in God. It is a legacy of compassion for those less fortunate, marginalized or in need; rooted in a belief in the dignity of the person and concern for their total well being.

Through CHCM, the legacy of the nuns continues to nurture meaning in people’s lives and gives them reason to hope. We govern and sponsor 21 organizations – or Communities of Service  – and their foundations in Manitoba. Our Communities of Service provide service in primary care, acute care, long-term care, comprehensive services to people living with developmental disabilities and they provide housing, social and human services to thousands of Manitobans in need every year.

Rooted in community, we rely on strong partnerships and a collaborative approach with many stakeholders – most importantly government departments and agencies that provide funding on behalf of all Manitobans. Together we develop programs and services to strengthen and support the health and well being of those in need providing them with compassion and hope.