Léo Charrière Appointed as New Chair of Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba

Léo Charrière Appointed as New Chair of Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba 

“Not just a legacy, but a movement”


Winnipeg, November 30, 2016 – Léo Charrière is the new Chair of the Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba (CHCM). CHCM was established in 2000 by the Grey Nuns of St. Boniface to oversee the works of 22 “Communities of Service” comprising 15 health and human service organizations and seven foundations created by women religious in Manitoba.

As a young boy growing up in Ste. Anne, Manitoba, Léo Charrière saw the good works of the Grey Nuns every day. His own aunt, Sister Marie Tougas, was an active Grey Nun in Ste. Anne and St. Boniface. Today, he and his fellow Board members are tasked with ensuring those works – and the Sisters’ legacy of love and compassion – continue for years to come.

“It is a privilege to be chosen as Chair,” said Charrière, the retired Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer of The North West Company. “I see my involvement as a way to serve my community, honour my family, and pay tribute to the inspired leadership and service of the Grey Nuns and many other women religious who created the conditions for compassion to flourish in Manitoba.”

Charrière has been on the CHCM Board for three years, including service as Vice-Chair. He takes over from Lorette Beaudry Ferland who has been the Chair since 2011.

For Charrière, CHCM’s mission goes beyond embracing the responsibility of continuing the works of the founding Sisters; it must also seek ways to be increasingly relevant in a changing society. “This is not just a legacy, but a movement,” he said. “The landscape of healthcare and social services is changing and we must be open, nimble, and prepared to lead change in order to act where the needs are greatest in our community, as the Sisters have always done.

“Léo’s experience in business, his community engagement, and his big heart are all gifts that will ensure continued inspired leadership of CHCM’s Board,” said Gérald Labossière, Chair of the Catholic Health Sponsors of Manitoba, the organization responsible for appointing CHCM’s board members. “He understands the challenges faced in our ever-changing environment and the need to explore our understanding of this movement more deeply to clearly determine what’s called for in terms of change and moving forward.”

CHCM continues to be supported by Board directors: Cliff Jeffers (Vice-Chair), Greg Doyle (Secretary-Treasurer), Archbishop Albert LeGatt, René Bouchard, Laura Goossen, Hugh Goldie, Murray Kilfoyle, and Joanne Therrien. The Board welcomes new directors Jacqueline Gosselin, Mamadou Ka, and Paul Vallée.

The Board and staff of CHCM wish to thank outgoing Chair Mrs. Lorette Beaudry-Ferland for her outstanding years of service and also to Senator Raymonde Gagné and Soeur Juliette Thévenot, who both had to resign earlier in the year from the Board due to new appointments and responsibilities. .


See PDF Media Release.

Media inquiries: Monique LaCoste, Director of Communications and Events, 204-258-1235, mlacoste@chcm-ccsm.ca

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