Compassion Project

Want to teach MBSR?

MBSR FundamentalsTM in Winnipeg

MBSR Fundamentals 8-Week is an immersion in the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare & Society’s 8-week Stress Reduction Program to study the curriculum, program flow, and contextual and theoretical background of MBSR. A small cohort explores issues arising out of the MBSR learning and teaching experience.


MBSR 8-week course in one of the following formats:

• 8-week in-person course at CFM or in your area

• MBSR 8-week live online from the CFM

• MBSR online via Sounds True and Mindfulness ToolsTM (both)

• One 5-7 day teacher-led silent mindfulness meditation retreat

• Minimum of one year of personal meditation practice

• A regular body practice (yoga, qi gong or tai chi)


$2424 (We are required to keep our fees in alignment with the CFM. Sponsorships may be available upon request).

DATES AND DETAILS: see our fall program here.



St. Boniface Hospital Parlour, 431 TachО Ave.


For details, please connect with Dawn MacDonald

CALL 204-235-3700 or e-mail