Compassion Project

Mindful Practice

with Dr. Jillian Horton, BA, MA, MD, FRCPC & Dr. Michael McIntyre, PhD

This course, developed by Drs. Ronald Epstein and Michael Krasner at the University of Rochester, offers an experiential learning environment focusing on developing self-awareness through mindfulness in stressful and demanding situations. A 2-day intensive workshop originally designed for physicians in primary care, it is suited to those in medical, nursing, social work, psychology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and other health-related professions with a high degree of responsibility and patient care. Ideal to deepen your understanding of how a mindful practice contributes to improving quality of care while helping to address burnout and improving one’s resilience and well-being. Both, Dr. Horton and Dr. McIntyre have completed the intensive Mindful Practice Facilitator Training Program offered by the University of Rochester.

Offered in partnership with the Max Rady College of Medicine

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