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National and international keynote speakers regularly join our Compassion Project Grand Rounds and offer workshops on advancing compassion for individuals and organizations.

If you can’t attend in person consider joining through MBTeleHealth, 1-866-667-9891.

Featured Speakers

April 2018 – Dr. Cynda Rushton

Dr. Cynda Rushton has an impressive list of qualifications, including nurse, bioethicist, clinician, teacher and researcher. For over 30 years, she has worked in the medical field, using her passion and expertise to help patients, families and staff.

Dr. Rushton talk, April 12, at St. Boniface Hospital, about Being Morally Resilient in the Midst of Complexity. Watch the full lecture here.

April 2017 – Dre Rita Charon is a physician, literary scholar and the Founder and Executive Director of the Program in Narrative Medicine at Columbia University. She delivers her explanation of compassion through medicine.

In the presence of Dr. Jillian Horton, Micheline St-Hilaire and Dr. Michael McIntyre. Watch the full lecture here.

May 2013 When his teenage daughter was rushed to his own hospital critically injured in 2004 Dr. Robin Youngson of New Zealand was profoundy shocked at the lack of emotional care and the quality of the non-clinical support. It led he and his wife to form an international organization to return “heart to healthcare”. Part of his speaking tour included a stop at the Catholic Health Corporation’s Compassion Grand Rounds. Watch a excerpt or hear his full .

September 2012 Janice Marturano, J.D., founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Mindful Leadership spoke about finding the space to lead with clarity, creativity and compassion. Watch the excerpt of her talk or watch the full

June 2012 – Zofia Monica Dove, Poet and patient rehabilitation assistant at St. Boniface Hospital shared how listening to patients leads to powerful healing. Watch the excerpt of her talk or watch the full .

February 2012Jerome Stone RN, MA, author of the book, Minding the Bedside, spoke and guided us in an experiential workshop on practicing from the heart of the awakened mind. Watch the full .

September 2011 – Dr. Kristin Neff of the University of Texas talked about how self-compassion is essential in order to recharge our batteries and have the emotional energy needed to serve others. Watch the full .

April 2011 – Dr. Steven Hick’s one-hour lecture “You Can’t Stop the Waves, But You Can Learn to Surf” introduced the concepts of connecting to body, mind and spirit through mindfulness and meditation. Watch the full .

November 2010 – Dr. Jacoba Lillius of the Compassion Lab of Queen’s University shared her research on compassion in the workplace. Watch the excerpt of her talk or watch the full .

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