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Nurturing Compassion

Contemporary research and the legacy we’ve inherited from the religious orders that created our Communities of Service, have taught us that nurturing compassion in individuals fosters healthy, productive organizations. All of the Compassion Project’s initiatives are designed to encourage personal, spiritual and communal well-being. We seek to explore new and innovative ways of developing the core capacities of Being, Caring and Doing. Mindful practices are essential for compassion to flourish, and are some of the foundational resources the Compassion Project offers.

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to the present moment non-judgmentally and to be open and available to others. Through the practice of mindfulness we develop a deeper knowledge of ourselves, we learn to trust our own experiences and contribute meaningfully. Practicing mindfulness helps raise awareness of the body, mind and emotions and is essential to nurturing compassion.

A variety of mindful programs are offered to encourage individuals and their organizations to engage and explore compassion. We have established programs for:

  1. People just learning about mindfulness
  2. Those who are more experienced and want opportunities to practice mindfulness regularly
  3. Those who want to advance in their skills and commit to deeper training or education

    Continuing the journey: support for graduates of mindfulness or compassion-based programs.

    Nurturing Compassion

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