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Film Resource Kit

TFIACKitv2Through the grace and wisdom of all those who agreed to participate in the film, viewers are invited to individually and collectively begin their own journey to understanding the intricacy and simplicity of compassion. The film and a resource tool kit are available for public use.

The bilingual kit includes:

  • Two DVD’s that include the four-part 126-minute documentary (one DVD in English, one in French)
  • a Screening Guide for film ambassador on how to prepare and lead group discussions about the film and compassion
  • a CD of  templates including: a poster, a report template for creative way to capture the film facilitation process, a participant feedback form, a film ambassador debriefing form and other supportive material.

The resource kit was produced after extensive use of the film with employees in health and human services organizations who provided valuable feedback. After you purchase the tool kit we recommend the film ambassador read the guide before screening the film.

To order: This Film is About Compassion

This documentary and film resource kit was created to begin courageous conversations that inspire, inform and nurture cultures of compassion. We want to make it possible for everyone to participate, so the combined film and resource guide are available on a sliding scale. We invite you to pay at the highest level of the sliding scale that you can afford to help others access the film and to help us creatively and compassionately continue this legacy.

Individual Rate
Suggested fee for private use only. $50

Small Non-profits
Suggested fee for programs and institutions that have limited budgets and will use it for sharing internally. $250

Sustaining Fee
Suggested fee for large institutions, corporations and those showing the film in larger settings. $500

We will ship the kit to you within 30 days.

  • $ 0.00 CAD

Need more help?

CHCM staff is available on contract to facilitate the film rollout and discussion in your organization. Feel free to contact Micheline St-Hilaire, Organizational Change and Development Leader at 204.258.1052. We welcome your feedback on This Film is About Compassion.


The This Film is About Compassion Resource Kit includes a survey used to collect valuable feedback from participants. Here are just a few things participants have said about the experience of watching and discussing This Film is About Compassion:

“Excellent film – this is not just about health care professionals, but could enrich many.”

“I was pleasantly surprised that in each segment there was at least one person who could talk so intentionally about why and how they do the work they do…. It also was clear that demonstrating compassion is of tremendous value and fulfillment to the person who is being compassionate.”

“Reaffirmed how little it takes to provide compassion (i.e. a welcome, hand holding, asking what is needed or a simple silence) but also how much more compassion is needed everywhere in our world.”

“It reawakened my understanding of compassion.”

“I have more acceptance of the need to nurture myself in order to be able to continue offering compassion and asking others what they need from me in order for them to feel I’ve responded to them with compassion (when possible).”

    Continuing the journey: support for graduates of mindfulness or compassion-based programs.

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    This Film is About Compassion

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