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Film Chapters

This Film is about Compassion is 126 minutes delivered in four chapters:

Chapter 1
(38 min)

St.Amant serves children and adults with developmental disabilities. We meet families whose children make their home at St.Amant, staff who work with children in the school program, and young people who are thriving in this complex and compassionate environment. This chapter explores the relationship between compassion and family support, expectations and respect for the developmental capacities of people with disabilities. Parents also discuss decision-making and advocacy for people with disabilities who face medical crisis.

Chapter 2
Actionmarguerite/ Taché Centre
(44 min)

Actionmarguerite is a community-based non-profit corporation dedicated to serving the elderly and persons with complex care needs. This chapter introduces us to the residents who have experienced acquired brain injuries. They are all articulate and passionate about their experiences of compassion and their shared desire to be heard. Staff discuss their deep commitments to the residents and the systemic obstacles felt to be barriers to sustainable compassionate care.

Chapter 3
St-Boniface Hospital, Palliative Care Unit
(42 min)

This palliative care unit currently has 15 beds. As in the rest of Canada, the need for these services in Manitoba is ever growing. Health care providers are struggling to keep up with the need for compassionate end of life care. We visit with patients and their families who have a broad variety of needs and desires from each other and staff. The working conditions are exemplary, but include concerns about the scarcity of adequate palliative care services.

Chapter 4
Youville Centre, Bereavement Group
(15 min)

Youville Centre is a community-based primary health centre providing health care, counseling and wellness education. This chapter, filmed on site at the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s Riverview Health Centre, focuses on a bereavement group facilitated by two community nurses. The nurses explore their own experiences of grief and mourning, and the manner with which those losses inform and enhance their commitment to their nursing work.

“Excellent film – this is not just about health care professionals, but could enrich many.”

“It reawakened my understanding of compassion.”



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