Compassion Project

Compassion Project

A journey toward our deeper sense of purpose.

The Compassion Project renews our legacy; nurtures and strengthens our ability to be vibrant signs of compassion and hope today. The research tells us that when we have the opportunity to develop compassion, empathy and kindness for ourselves and others, organizations flourish. Here at the Compassion Project we support people in their journey toward a deeper sense of purpose. We offer several initiatives to enhance sustainable, person-centered practices and encourage spiritual and communal well-being.


We are all compassionate when we show empathy, love and kindness to others. The incredible power of compassion is that it renews the receiver and the giver.


At the Catholic Health Corporation our legacy of empathy, love and kindness has taught us that compassion happens when three simple but important things take place:

  1. When we each find the inner strength and take the time to notice how we and other people around us are feeling, we are truly being present.
  2. When we focus our attention and emotions on the other person’s needs, we are truly caring.
  3. And when we move to act in a way that is helpful we are doing something compassionate.

This definition is grounded in CHCM’s accountability framework that inspires us to nurture and strengthen cultures of compassion and support sustainable, person-centered practices in our Communities of Service.

    Continuing the journey: support for graduates of mindfulness or compassion-based programs.

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