Our Mission

Rooted in a tradition that dates back to 1844 and built by the pioneering religious women who came before us, our mission is carried out by men and women of all faiths, traditions and cultures who want to be signs of compassion and hope.

CHCM’s fundamental reason for existence…

Faithful to the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, the Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba creates, sponsors and inspires Communities of Service characterized by compassion, loving care and solidarity for all, especially where the need is greatest.

CHCM’s aspiration for our future…

A deeper sense of compassion and solidarity inspires people of all faiths, traditions and cultures
within our Communities of Service.

CHCM’s timeless and unchanging core value is…

Compassion as our core value is expressed and lives through the following statements:

  • Together we recognize and nurture the God-given creativity, dignity and love that dwells in each of us, allowing us to be of service to others, especially where the need is greatest.
  • We believe in human solidarity, our common humanity, being in community with others, becoming aware of unmet needs and acting to respond through collaboration, dialogue and shared purpose.
  • Integrity is our guide to being authentic and ethically responsible in accordance with the Catholic Health Ethics Guide.  We are respectful of others and conscious of the dignity of every person.
  • In our discernment we carefully observe what is around us to discover “What is called for now?” in pursuit of excellence of service.
  • As stewards, we embody responsible planning and management of both public and private resources that will ensure the sustainability of our mission. We hold ourselves accountable to those we serve and to the many community stakeholders that place their trust in us.