We empower people and foster solutions to prevent and alleviate suffering where the needs are greatest.

Inspired by a legacy of compassion and hope, with a commitment to social justice, the Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba (CHCM) is a not-for-profit organization seeking to respond to needs in our community today. CHCM is responsible for a family of health and human service agencies known as Communities of Service. Every day, more than 6,500 people of all faiths, traditions and cultures make a difference in the lives of those who walk through our doors in their time of need.

Our mission, vision & values

CHCM has three main roles:

  • To help create and foster conditions allowing love and compassion to flourish in our organizations and ensure we delivery quality care and the outcomes that matter for those we serve.
  • To provide support, guidance and advice to our sponsored Communities of Service and our partners to help them be the best they can in service to others.
  • To be a catalyst in developing solutions and responding to new and emerging needs in the community.