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We Strive to Meet Unmet Needs in New Ways.

Created by the pioneering women religious, CHCM empowers people and fosters solutions to prevent and alleviate sufferingwhere the needs are greatest. We are doing what we can to build a hope-filled community where every person acts in solidarity for the well-being of all.

An award shared with others

Micheline St-Hilaire has been working in the Catholic healthcare field since landing her…

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New ideas that will make a difference

The CHCM launched its new Inspiration Grant in 2018-2019, and at the organization’s…

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St.Amant, a top employer

St.Amant, a great place to work For the eighth time, St.Amant is one of…

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Ste. Rose du Lac Food Bank

Ste. Rose du Lac in support of the less fortunate In operation since…

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Actionmarguerite Innovates with ‘Gentle Persuasive Approaches’

Years ago, physical restraints were commonly used in hospitals to immobilize patients. Research…

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